Send Kibana Reports to #Slack, Create Reports from Grafana – See What’s New in Skedler v3.2

#Slack, You got Skedler Reports from Elasticsearch Kibana & Grafana

What if your users are on #Slack, and they need daily, weekly or monthly recap of data from your ELK based operational log analytics, security analytics, or call data record analytics, or social media analytics application?  Skedler v3.2 now has a solution for you.  With the latest version, you can distribute custom reports to users via email or #Slack.

Send Reports from ELK to #Slack using Skedler v3.2

Send Reports from ELK to #Slack using Skedler v3.2

Reports are attached to Slack messages and users can drilldown to the dashboard from the #Slack message.  Getting to the data analytics just got a whole lot easier with Skedler v3.2

Create Reports from Grafana – Beta

Grafana is a powerful dashboard platform for analytics and monitoring if you have a mixed data sources such as Influxdb, Elasticsearch,  Prometheus, AWSCloudwatch and more.  Today, we are pleased to announce the beta version of Skedler Reports for Grafana.  With Skedler v3.2, you can create, schedule, and distribute custom reports based on Grafana dashboards similar to how you can create reports based on Kibana dashboards.

See a demo of how you can drag and drop charts to create custom reports in Skedler.  The charts can either be from Grafana dashboard or Kibana dashboard.  Creating reports is easy as ever.

[video_embed video=”APEOKhsgIbo” parameters=”” mp4=”” ogv=”” placeholder=”” width=”700″ height=”400″]

You can download Skedler v3.2 from the Free Trial page and try out the Grafana Reports.

Skedler Reports on Docker

We have heard from users that getting started with Skedler Reports is terribly easy.  Now we have made it even more easier with Skedler Reports on Docker.  With just a handful of commands, you can set up your Skedler Reports and start reporting.  Watch the demo:

[video_embed video=”y05K-7bW3Is” parameters=”” mp4=”” ogv=”” placeholder=”” width=”700″ height=”400″]

Get started by using this Step-by-Step Guide for installing Skedler with Docker

Report Annotation, ELK 5.6.1 support and more

Skedler v3.2 is loaded with several features including

  • Ability to annotate reports using Reports Designer
  • More flexibility in adding individual page titles in reports
  • Support for ELK 5.6.1

Download Skedler v3.2

Wanna try out the new features in Skedler Reports?  Download and test drive Skedler Reports v3.2 for free.  In the free trial version, you can create custom reports, create hourly reports and experience the ease of creating reports with Skedler.

Let us know your thoughts on Skedler v3.2.

Introducing Skedler Custom Reporting (Formally Report Designer) for Elasticsearch Kibana (ELK)

Give Me Some Real Reports!

When it comes to reporting for ELK,  users are frustrated with the expensive packs and do-it-yourself modules.   Reports from these approaches are rudimentary and nothing more than basic screen grabs of Kibana dashboards. They lack customization, charts get stretched, and visuals are laid out randomly based on the Kibana dashboard.  And if you need to generate large reports, you might as well forget about it since none of these solutions scale!  Users are craving for reports that deliver clear insights from their ELK based log/search/SIEM analytics applications right in their inbox.

Create Intuitive, Custom Reports with Data Stories

Today, we are pleased to announce the Skedler Reports Enterprise Edition (Formally Designer Edition) that offers organizations a new way to unleash the value of Elasticsearch (ELK) data. This innovative solution makes it easy to create custom reports that present the data in an intuitive fashion to the users.  With just a few clicks, you can design report templates, create data stories, and automate distribution of reports that enable users to make quick decisions.

See Skedler in Action

[video_embed video=”9kb0aU0cKmU” parameters=”” mp4=”” ogv=”” placeholder=”” width=”700″ height=”400″]

See a Sample Report

Custom Elasticsearch Kibana Report | Skedler Enterprise Edition (Formally Designer Edition)  from Skedler

Add Custom Reporting to Skedler Premier Edition

Skedler Reports Enterprise Edition (Formally Designer Edition) is available as a seamless add-on module to the Premier Edition.  It is designed for organizations that strive to deliver insightful data stories to users and empower them to make quick decisions.  Skedler Reports Enterprise Edition (Formally Designer Edition) is licensed separately and can be activated instantly with the appropriate license key.

Get a Demo of the Real Reporting for ELK Stack

The Skedler Reports Enterprise Edition (Formally Designer Edition) Preview is available starting today.  Schedule a demo to see the powerful custom reporting capabilities that Skedler offers.  Explore how you can deliver actionable custom ELK reports to users with Skedler.



Skedler v2.8.1: Add Reporting to Elasticsearch Kibana 5.4

We are excited to announce the availability of Skedler v2.8.1.  The latest update to the Skedler platform includes support for adding PDF, XLS, CSV Reports to Elasticsearch 5.4 and Kibana 5.4.   You can learn more about the Release here.

Try Skedler Free

Download Skedler v2.8.1 and try it  for free.  Let us know your feedback regarding Skedler and how we can help you meet your reporting requirements.

Skedler v2.8 is released: Elasticsearch 5.3, CSV Export, Tag Filter Search support and more

We are excited to announce the availability of Skedler v2.8.  The latest update to the Skedler platform includes the following new features:

New Features

  • Skedler supports Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana 5.3
  • You can schedule, generate and email CSV reports from Kibana Search
  • Generate reports from Kibana saved search that use Tag filters
  • You can configure the number of rows in your XLS, CSV, PDF reports generated from Kibana Search.

Furthermore, for our OEM partners, Skedler v2.8 includes bug fixes to improve the handling of custom UI tags.

Try Skedler Free

Download Skedler v2.8 and try it for free.  Let us know your feedback regarding Skedler and how we can help you meet your reporting requirements.

Skedler Version 2.6 is Released!

We are pleased to announce the availability of Skedler Version 2.6. It includes new features and bug fixes. New features include:

  • Email reports using Amazon SES which are now supported as an email provider in Skedler.
  • Skedler v2.6 now supports the following new versions of Elastic stack on both Linux and Windows:
    1. Elasticsearch version 1.7 to 5.1.1
    2. Kibana version from 4.1.x to 5.1.1
    3. Shield/Security supported from 1.0 to 2.4.1
    4. Kibana Shield plugin supported up to 2.2.1

Try the latest version of Skedler!

Skedler Plugin for Kibana is Coming Soon

By popular demand, we are reintroducing the Skedler Plugin for Kibana. It will include features of Skedler 2.6 and will work with Kibana 5.1. The plugin will be available in Standard, Advanced and Premier Editions and will be a separately licensed module.

Interested in being the first to use the Skedler Plugin? Email us at and we will get in touch with you as soon as it becomes available!

Tip of the Month

How can I migrate my Skedler license to another server when I have already deployed Skedler on another server? This is a common question from our customers and is easy to do. Check out this how-to article on migrating your Skedler licenses.

Ready to start saving time by creating, scheduling and distributing Kibana reports automatically? Try Skedler free for 15 days.

Skedler 2.5 + Elastic Stack 5.0 = Awesome Reporting

Skedler v2.5 Reporting for Elastic stack 5.0 is released

Looking for a reporting solution for your Elasticsearch Kibana 5.0 (Elastic stack 5.0) that is proven, easy-to-use, and doesn’t break the bank?

Skedler v2.5 is here to the rescue! We are happy to announce the general availability of Skedler v2.5 that helps you to add reporting to Elastic stack 5.0 within minutes.   You can instantly enjoy the benefits of a solution that is widely deployed with ELK platforms.

You can download free trial here.

New Features in Skedler v2.5

  • Support for Elastic stack 5.0.   Skedler v2.5 supports the following versions:
    • Elasticsearch:  1.7 and higher
    • Kibana: 4.1 and higher

Skedler can be run on Linux 6 or 7 and Windows.

  • Support for Docker
    • Configure persistent UI and log folders to enable upgrade and reloading Docker containers.
  • Error detection and notification
    • In case of empty reports or errors, Skedler will automatically send a warning email to administrators.  Empty reports will not be sent to recipients.

For Our OEM Partners

Skedler Team is honored to add value to a number of solutions offered by our OEM partners across the world.   In the previous release, we added the REST API and iFrame options.  We made it simple to schedule, generate, and distribute reports from within your application.  In Skedler v2.5, we have added the following new features for our OEM partners:

  • Package and deploy Skedler as a Docker container with your solution easily.
    • Configure the folders for UI components and log files so that you can persist them during upgrade or reloading the container.
  • Skedler base path is changed to /skedler which makes it easy to embed Skedler within your UI.

We are continuously striving to make Skedler the easiest reporting solution to embed and deploy.

Experience Skedler v2.5

The best way to experience the value of the new Skedler is to try it out with your ELK stack.  It takes just a few minutes to install Skedler.

Try it for free.

Experience our world class support and let us know your feedback.

Skedler v2.4 – Smarter PDF/XLS Reports from Kibana, REST API, and iFrame

We are delighted to announce the general availability of Skedler v2.4.  It addresses several key requirements for smarter, tightly integrated PDF, XLS reporting from Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana (ELK stack) applications.

Key Features in Skedler v2.4

  • Smarter Reporting
    • Automatic detection of empty PDF, XLS reports and notification to administrators. – Standard Edition and above
    • Automatic page numbering for PDF reports – Advanced Edition and above
  • Integration
    • iFrame support for embedding Skedler pages in your application without its header and footer. – Advanced Edition and above
    • REST API to configure, schedule, and generate reports from Kibana dashboards and searches. – Premier Edition

Smarter PDF, XLS Reports from Kibana Dashboard and Searches

Nobody likes an empty report, even if it has a smiley face icon.   Empty report is generated if there is an error in the dashboard/search query or if there is no data in the report time window.  Skedler v2.4 is smart enough to recognize an empty report (all the charts in the report are empty) and not email it to the recipients.  Instead, it will notify the administrator that an empty report was generated and enable the admin to investigate the root cause.

Another enhancement in Skedler v2.4 is the automatic page numbering for PDF reports.

Integrate Skedler into Your Application

Skedler v2.4 offers two features that enable you to tightly integrate report generation from Kibana dashboard and searches into your application.    

  • Skedler iFrame feature enables you to embed individual Skedler pages in your application without its header and footer.  You can make Skedler look just like your application with ease and also manage who sees what reports.
  • With the REST API, you can now do everything related to report generation from within your own application via apis.  This includes creating reports, generating ad-hoc reports and so on.  Read more about the details of this exciting feature here.

Please note that both these features are in beta at this time.  We welcome your feedback!

Try Skedler for free

How to create reports that impress your ELK Stack users? Skedler v2.3 is here to help.

Time is a very scarce commodity.  Whether you provide a ride sharing service or a networking security monitoring service or financial analytics service or IT infrastructure monitoring service, time-pressed users expect your service to proactively deliver clear, actionable information at the right time.   They do not have time to check on dashboards every time to get their information.  Sending actionable reports is one easy solution to this problem.

But users do not just want a random set of data, they want to be impressed. They are looking for clear, concise information in a format that is easy to understand.  The delivered information should help them decide what they need to next.   There are at least three aspects that need to be considered:

  • What is the right information and the right design?
  • When should the information be delivered?
  • How should the information be delivered?

Skedler v2.3, which is now available from the Free Trial page, includes tools that provide you with greater flexibility to tackle the What and When aspect of information delivery.  Let us look at some of these new tools available for your smart-layout-speed arsenal.

Automate Summary Reports using Flexible Time Windows

Flexible Time Windows

Send daily reports every evening with data from 8 am – 5pm. Or email summary reports in the morning with data from 6 days ago until yesterday. The possibilities are endless with the new time window capability available in Skedler Premier Edition.

Send Impressive Reports with Smart Chart Layout

Smart Chart Layout in Skedler

Impress your customers and users with beautiful, well crafted reports. With the new Smart Chart option available in Advanced Edition (available currently in Linux only at this time), report layout is automatically optimized based on the page size and chart size.  You will no longer see charts getting split across pages.   All it takes is just a check box in Skedler!

Faster Report Generation

Skedler is now faster and more optimized than ever before. The report generation algorithm has been enhanced to detect the completion of dashboard rendering and immediately send out the report instead of waiting for a fixed dashboard loading time. The result is that the Skedler can now deliver actionable reports to users quicker than ever before.

We have more capabilities planned for the next release of Skedler that would make it even easier for you to address the What, When, How aspect of delivering information to your users.  With that said, Skedler v2.3 has more features to assist you.

Adding Reporting is Quicker Than Ever Before

Save time and send out reports in minutes. Adding reporting to your ELK application or upgrading Skedler is easier and quicker than ever before. We have automated the manual installation steps and made it easy for you to install or upgrade Skedler.  Check out the video.

Add Reporting to Multi-User environments

Save money and time by using Skedler to add reporting to ELK stack applications that use Kibana Shield Plug-in. Users can now securely automate reports for the data that they are authorized to access (via Shield). Contact us to learn more about this integration and pricing.

Add Reporting to ELK Stack in Windows

Skedler for ELK Windows

Skedler is now available for Windows environment. Setting up Skedler and generating reports is easy as it is in Linux. Download the free trial and test it out.

Evaluating Skedler Is Easy

Downloading and trying Skedler is even more easier now. Simply download, install, and activate the embedded free trial license. That’s right, you don’t have to wait for the trial license key anymore! Within a few minutes, you are ready for reporting. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at

What’s new at Skedler? v2.2.3, Dynetics Case Study and more.

Summer is usually a slow time in the corporate world with vacations and travel.   However, it has been a busy time at Skedler.  Here are some of the things that the Skedler team accomplished over the summer:

Skedler v2.2.3 is released

Users got their hands on Skedler v2.2.3 in early August.  V2.2.3 is a maintenance release to improve chart rendering in Centos and handling of Elasticsearch connection time-outs.

In early July, we released Skedler v2.2.2.   This release includes support for Microsoft Exchange server for emailing reports, an important request from several of our customers.   It also includes enhancements to Kibana metric charts rendering and better handling of gmail as the email server.

The license activation for Skedler is the simplest ever.   Skedler licensing module automatically recognizes the Skedler edition and activates your license.  It is so easy to get started with Skedler now.

For more details, please review the release notes.

Case Study: How Dynetics Inc. automates customer reports

Elasticsearch+Logstash+Kibana (ELK) stack is transforming from a log monitoring/search platform to a more widely used analytics, business intelligence, and monitoring platform.  Every day we come across new use cases of how users are using Elasticsearch and Kibana to meet their business requirement.  As ELK is becoming a common platform in the enterprise, Users are combining the ELK stack with Skedler for security monitoring, CRM, e-commerce and more.

We are happy to share with you a case study on how Dynetics Inc. uses Elasticsearch+Kibana+Skedler to automate customer reports from its Cyber Riskscope® NetAlert platform. The case study will give you an overview how and why Dynetics chose Skedler to power reporting for its ELK platform.

Would you like to share how you are using ELK and Skedler in your app?  Our readers would love to hear from you. Just drop me a note to express your interest.

Introducing Skedler Forums and Free Trial page

Ask questions, get help with installation, Ask questions, get help with installation, suggest tips and tricks, and recommend new features. The Skedler forums is the place to be and discuss your questions with other users and developers.  We invite you to start collaborating now

Did you notice the new Free Trial page?  We have made it easy to download and try Skedler.  After you download Skedler, please check your inbox and SPAM folder for an email from  The email contains the license key to activate Skedler.  If you don’t see an email with the license key,  contact us at  

We understand that evaluating Skedler is an additional task that you take up in addition to your daily tasks. Therefore, we are constantly improving our process to make it easy for you to use Skedler. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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